Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia University

Bringing the kettle into the 21st century, the Smart Kettle:

  • Uses weight to sense what vessel is placed on it and fills it with the appropriate amount of hot water.
    • It understands when a Chemex coffee pot is in use, and adapts the amount of water to the weight of coffee that has been added.
  • Learns your habits. When you are at home, it anticipates demand and pre-heats the water based on your regular usage patterns.
    • Once hot, the double-walled boiler keeps water warm for long periods of time.
  • Brings water to a boil in 1/10th the time of a traditional electric kettle, using a combination of induction heat and high surface area heatsink.
    • This combination allows for precise temperature control and allows users to dial in the perfect temperature for their preferred beverage.
  • Provides 20% more water capacity than a traditional teapot or coffeemaker, making it perfect for parties.
    • The induction/heatsink combination allows the glass boiling chamber to be completely free of plastic parts in contact with the hot water (a sought-after feature often found in online kettle reviews).