Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia University | Verizon
Team Project
Selected for the 2016 Verizon Innovation Gala and exhibited at Verizon headquarters
3D printed Scale Model

* Please note this system was in development before the Amazon Echo or Google Home were released.

Converse – a system of speakers and microphones strategically placed throughout your home that allow you to have hands-free natural conversations or listen to music as you move from room to room.

The system acts like an intercom between homes and people, allowing users to call to close friends or family members as if they were in the next room. Using the system is simple: if you want to reach out to someone, there is no need to interface with a robot to place the call. You simply say, “Hey, Mom!” and you are instantly connected. You are free to carry on your conversations as you move about your house while engaging in daily activities, like folding laundry. The call is seamlessly transferred from devices throughout the home. It also can be used as an intercom within the home. The system is highly customizable: you can decide via the settings who, when, and how you want to be reached.

The system utilizes multi-directional speakers and microphones that allow multiple people to take part in a conversation with each voice emerging from a different speaker, simulating a natural conversation and helping you differentiate between the voices.

Utilizing multi-directional speakers and microphones which allow multiple people to take part in a conversation with each voice emerging from a different speaker, which simulates a natural conversation. It also helps you differentiate between the voices.

Converse is smart home ready! The system consists of a Converse speaker device, hub — the “brain” of the system — and a Z-wave motion sensor. It is compatible with many other smart sensors and devices, bringing and adding new functionality to your home.

Using Converse:

Converse features capacitive touch controls which appear when you need them.
Incoming phone calls are indicated by flashing light
Converse indicates errors or, when tied with other smart home devices, can indicate other things such as fires.

Finally, Converse is customizable, with multiple faceplate colors and styles available to match your decor.